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Baggage Interline Agreement

by Simone / 12-09-2021
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It`s going to sound very esoteric and unimportant. However, as more and more consumers choose to buy airline tickets online, there is an increasing need to understand some of the rules relating to Interline Baggage agreements between airlines. These agreements govern how airlines transmit or transfer their baggage from one airline to another during their journey. Choosing the airline you want to choose for your positioning flight can make the difference between an almost seamless connection or a sense of déjà vu, where you`ll have to do the entire check-in process at the airport again. This means that you have to land, go to the luggage storage to collect your luggage, return to the departure lane, check your luggage again and return through security. If your international flight departs from a major airport like JFK, LAX or O`Hare, you`ll also need to catch a train between the terminals with all your luggage (except you can`t do it yet in O`Hare). Interline baggage works in the same way, except that passengers traveling with multiple airlines do not handle the luggage. Take for example my trip to Australia. We took United, Air China, Japan Airlines and Qantas. These are two different alliances and tickets between these four airlines, which means that without the contribution of our luggage, we would have had to perform the check, collect and recheck dance several times during this trip. Alaska packs interline baggage to other airlines.

In 2012, they announced that they would stop nesting luggage, but fortunately, this caused such outrage that they changed their minds. Months ago, we booked seats on Delta in business class from LA to SIN around the trip, because we received a lot. We book the rest of our trip in intera asia. Has anyone been lucky lately to encourage airlines with online baggage agreements to buy interline baggage if flights are not booked on the same ticket? Concretely, we fly the Malaysian from Siem Reap to SIN (arrival at 9 pm) and we return to the United States the next morning at 6:00 am for our Delta flight. We hoped we wouldn`t have to collect luggage and leave the airport and use the transit hotel. We booked Malaysians especially because they have an interline agreement with Delta. I know that Malaysians can drop off luggage at another company, but not necessarily if the tickets were issued separately. And yes, I checked that Delta accepts luggage at SIN only 3 hours before. Yes. Our customer service at the airport is happy to check your luggage to your final destination, provided that your flights comply with our rules for minimum connecting times. Please allow extra time to check in, go through security and arrive at the gate in time for boarding. No no.

Based on Department of Transportation rules, our contract of carriage states that our baggage liability is limited to the departure and destination on a customer`s Hawaii Airlines ticket. We are now putting a long term in our transport contract. One of the latest codeshares announced is, for example, between Lufthansa and Vistara. Lufthansa serves Delhi, but has no network inside India. This codeshare allows passengers to book directly from any Lufthansa destination to a number of new cities in India, including Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Goa, Hyderabad, Kochi and Pune. This is a development of an earlier interline agreement between the two airlines, which involves a deeper relationship. Good news: Hawaiian Airlines has interline and codeshare agreements with more than 50 domestic and international airlines with which you can fly multiple airlines with the same ticket.

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