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Collateral Stock Pledge Agreement

by Simone / 09-04-2021
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6. Adaptations. In the event that, during the term of this guarantee agreement, any dividend, reclassification, reclassification, adjustment, stock splitting or any other changes to collateral or, if warrants or other rights are made, are made: Options or securities issued with respect to securities (the “additional securities”) are all new shares, replaced and/or additional issued as a result of such a change or the exercise of such warrants, rights, options or securities (if delivered to Pledgor, immediately handed over to the company and) to the company to be held under the terms of this agreement and held in the same manner as the guarantees. B. Pledgor has agreed that the repayment of the note will be guaranteed by the collateral of the shares in accordance with this pawning agreement and, if the company requires it, by other security, as defined in Schedule A (the “additional guarantees”). 2. Guarantees and guarantees of guarantees. Pledgor assures and guarantees the company that Pledgor has a good title (both in design and utility) of security, free and free from claims, commitments, interest in security, warranty, pledges or charges of all kinds, and that Pledgor has the right to guarantee and grant the company the interest in the security of the security granted under this agreement. Pledgor also agrees that, until all amounts liability are paid in accordance with the purchaser`s disclosure and obligations arising from this collateral agreement, all of the buyer`s obligations have been fulfilled, the buyer will not sell, transfer or transfer or grant to the collaterals, without the prior written consent of the entity (i) or create or create security interests, pledges, pledges, receivables, receivables or other charges on any of the guarantees, or (iii) to grant or create interest on any of the guarantees during the duration of this pawning contract, an investment, a tax or a legal obligation. 12.

change; Full agreement. This commitment agreement will not be amended without written agreement from both parties. This commitment agreement, as well as the notification and funding statements of UCC-1 submitted by the Company, constitutes the whole agreement between the parties with respect to the purpose of this agreement and replaces all previous agreements and agreements relating to this purpose. (a) Until all of Pledgor`s obligations under the Communication and this agreement are fully fulfilled, all guarantees continue to be held under this agreement. If Pledgor pays all or part of the principal amount of the debt, the portion of the shares for which such a down payment would represent the purchase price under the sale contract (the “shares paid”) is considered an independent guarantee for the remaining balance of the debt for the purpose of opening the holding period, in accordance with Rule 144 of the Securities and Exchange Commission, with respect to the other shares acquired with the note. 5. dividends; vote. All dividends that are declared or payable below on security securities during the duration of this guarantee agreement (excluding ordinary cash dividends payable to Pledgor, in the absence of a late event in accordance with the note) (the “dividends”) are delivered without delay to the company which, under this agreement, is bound in a guarantee contract.

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