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by Simone / 07-12-2020
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The ability to find emails sent and received becomes increasingly difficult when employees use personal email accounts or personal computers, smartphones or tablets for work-related emails. The OIG report acknowledged errors in the State Department`s email archiving systems and search functions, because employees used personal email accounts and personal equipment for government operations.19 Technical difficulties also prevented the Us State Department from properly recording: including corrupted files, files protected by unknown passwords, and incomplete or misrepresered files.20 3 Lawyers who receive emails sent accidentally, including those that contain information protected by the lawyer`s privilege or the work product rule. are required to notify the sender. SCR 20:4.4 (b), (c). In addition, a lawyer who inadvertently receives inside information must also “immediately” stop checking or using e-mail and comply with the sender`s instructions regarding e-mail until a court final decision. SCR 20:4.4 (c). (See Aviva Meridian Kaiser, “Respecting Privileged Information: Lawyers` Obligations to Third Persons,” 90 Wis. 28 (April 2017).) Who decides which emails should be deleted? Is email retention mandatory by company policy and, if so, how? If an employee deletes an email from her computer, is she really missing or is she archived elsewhere? Understand a customer`s e-mail procedure and respect for Knowledge. Stat. Section 804.01 (2) (e)1.

requires at least a discussion on the following issues. The explosion of e-mail as an essential communication tool has implications for electronic communication for law firms and their clients. In 2002, the court of Byers v. Illinois State Police recognized the domino effect of e-mails on the volume, complications, cost and time for e-Discovery. Each company should develop an e-mail storage plan – which, to whom and when emails should be deleted – immediately, instead of waiting for it, in the hope that there is no litigation.27 Analysis of the purposes for which customers use e-mails and a thoughtful approach will provide a conservation plan. First, an “electronic signature” refers to any “electronic sound, symbol or process that is associated with or is logically related to a recording and is executed or accepted by a person who intends to sign the data set.” This means that pdf copies of signatures, names typed at the bottom of emails or texts, and personal access codes are just some of the many items that can be described as electronic signatures. Am I taking appropriate steps to prevent the accidental disclosure of client information?23 Broadcast information or annexes protected by the law-client privileges or work products rule? Alternatives: Send an encrypted email or exchange confidential information with customers through a secure customer portal. Check your firm management software (z.B.

Clio, MyCase, RocketMatter, Amicus Attorney). You can already have customer portal functions. Should each recipient (including those who receive copies or blind copies) receive the email and all attachments? Can my message be shorter? Did I describe the subject of my email correctly – a topic that will help me find the information later? Can I send less or shorter attachments? Have I read the list of recipients correctly, email addresses and message? Alternatives: Copy your assistant in emails so they can submit them electronically in your company`s document management system or on your company`s server. Send an instant message to your company colleagues asking them to search for the email (see below). Create a group in Outlook or Gmail of people you often send simultaneously by email and keep it up to date. If you send an email to the group, you reduce the ability to send an email to the wrong person. As explained above in this article,

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