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Examples Of Disagreements With A Child

by Simone / 19-09-2021
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It is precisely in children of the year of infants that the slightest thing can lead to differences of opinion, most often in the playground on toys. I think the best way to deal with conflict is to be calm and get each child to explain what happened, which shows that you don`t take sides and listen to each other, explain the difference between good and evil. Try to make them understand if they were in the same position they would feel, and make them apologize. Teachers often see their role in peaceful conflict resolution as a challenge. The following six strategies help teachers define their role and relationship with children and conflicts: describe how to deal with disagreements between the practitioner and children and adolescents If it is LD against a child, it is possible that the child is conflictual and disobedient. It is also not uncommon for the problem not to be really the other person, but their own emotions. This is not always noticeable for children. Even for teenagers, this remains a difficult task. However, it is up to the youth assistant to shed light on the perspectives and causes of an appropriate conversation.

I have the impression that when you are dealing with young people, you have to be able to listen to them, to make them explain the problem before giving them your opinion. When the issue is debated, they will themselves recognize what the correct answer is. Peaceful conflict resolution is supported or hindered by the role of a teacher in the event of conflict between children. Teachers who unintentionally hinder peaceful conflict resolution may try to avoid conflict in the classroom, punish children who experience social conflict, resolve class conflicts for children, or let children develop conflict for themselves. Teachers, who respond coherently to typical classroom conflicts in one of these ways, teach children to meet the teacher`s expectations at the expense of the child`s development, to withdraw into conflict, to be powerless, or to survive in conflict. . . .

Full Stack Web Developer and Audio Engineer. Ha collaborato a diversi progetti con l'Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare (INFN-LNF) e un progetto sulle reti neurali in compartecipazione con: Università di Roma Tor Vergata, Centro di Tecnologia Biomedica di Madrid, Università Complutense e Politecnico di Madrid.





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