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Helicopter Services Agreement

by Simone / 22-09-2021
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8. The client may not assign its rights under this contract to third parties without the written consent of the charterer. The agreements and contracts you wish to view have been defined for public aviation users whose agencies have formal agreements with DOI, Interior Business Center, Acquisitions Services Directorate (AQD) and are authorized to order services from these agreements and contracts. The order instructions contained in each contract or contract must be respected. Companies without current agreements can contact the IBC-AQD Business Management Specialist at 208-433-5025. For DOI projects or non-fire requirements requiring a moderate/heavy helicopter, please contact Maile Nichols, Contracting Officer at 208-433-5075 for contract and cost information as well as instructions for awarding orders. 20. In the event of an unreasonable breach of this agreement by either party, the right of the other party to terminate the contract without excluding the right to compensation 19. All other obligations of the interested parties agreed and signed by the above agreement can be consulted within the framework of Greek legislation, the Code of Aeronautical Legislation and the applicable rules on the specific charter. For information regarding whB and ACETA contracts, please contact Paula Teague, Contracting Officer at 208-433-5063 or Janet Milson, contract specialist at 208-433-5020.

. . Completed PDF forms must be downloaded to your computer, and then you can open them in your Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat software to fill and save. On-Call Fixed Wing Alaska and Hawaii Please contact Valerie Flynn, Contracting Officer at 208-433-5035 11. No modification of the flight plan or the agreed mission is allowed without the agreement of the charterer. In the event that the charterer agrees with the change, the customer is obliged to file a differentiated difference that could result from the change. . 2.

In the event that the customer does not foresee the cancellation of the flight within 3 days before the scheduled time, the charterer shall invoice the customer for the amount of 80% of the total charter fee. If the cancellation is announced to the charterer within a period of more than 3 days before the flight, the charterer is required to return the amount of the charter of the charter. In the event that the cancellation is announced within a period of one day or less than one day before the scheduled time of the flight, the charterer has the right to retain the full amount of the charter fee. 3. In the event that the scheduled flight at the point of departure or any other point included in the mission is delayed due to the responsibility or omission of the customer, the charterer may, at his option, board the flight or reassess the charter costs. 4. The charter shall end with the agreed disembarkation of the passengers at their destination. There is no other obligation of the charterer, unless otherwise agreed 1.

Charter fees are mandatory to be paid before the flight. Payment can be made by the credit bank and /or by credit card. In case of remote payment by credit card, a credit card authorization must be signed by the cardholder. Charter costs include all individual costs, such as operating and maintenance costs, crew pay slips, civil liability insurance under EU Regulation 785/2004, landing, handling and towing costs or other services relating to the aircraft. No other additional fees are included in the charter fee. Last but not least, the turnover tax weighs on the customer. 6. In any event, in the event of a mechanical or technical failure which may occur in the aircraft before or during the duration of the flight and which could have a direct impact on the airworthiness failure of the aircraft and due to the delay within a logical time or the cancellation of the flight or part of the flight, the charterer is obliged to make every effort; to fulfil its obligation to the customer to supply him with another aircraft preferably with the same type.

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