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Ibf Collective Agreement

by Simone / 10-04-2021
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The IBF Seafarers Support Fund (formerly known as the Solidarity Fund) was created exclusively to support the well-being of seafarers aboard vessels covered by IBF conventions. Once the right to negotiate is unlocked and the PSU obtains the right to sign the agreements, the PSU, by admin, prepares the agreements (depending on the type) for the signing of the parties in Manila. IMEC also coordinates the implementation of IBF agreements on behalf of its members through local negotiations. After the agreements are signed, PSU sends them to POEA for authentication. The feed provides the Agency/owners with 2 sets of agreements authenticated by the POEA for their file and for the ship`s file. PSU cannot implement the new power CBAs in the absence of approval from the ITF and the FPC. The IBF 2020 Social Fund is open from April 1, 2020 to March 31, 2021. In 2003, IMEC successfully negotiated that a portion of JNG members` contributions to the ITF`s aid, protection and protection fund would be donated to the IBF Solidarity Fund for this purpose. Procedures in ships recommended under ITF/PSU Cover The JNG is made up of IMEC, the International Mariners Management Association of Japan (IMMAJ), the Korean Shipowners Association (KSA) and taiwanese company Evergreen, which coordinates the views of employers around the world. To apply, please complete the application form and return to: Hilary Ho. Here is a summary of all the funds available to IMEC members. In 2019, IMEC members can apply for an 18% discount on funds paid to the ITF`s International Aid, Protection and Protection Fund.

The Philippine Seafarers Union (PSU) requested a letter from the Agency/owner indicating its intention to register a specific vessel, in which the 16-point questionnaire and crew list were attached. The PSU will seek approval from the International Transport Federation (ITF) by letter or email, which in turn will consult with the economic beneficiary country`s union for the release of the right to negotiate. According to the ITF Directive, it takes about 28 working days to claim or release bargaining rights. Note: When there is a change in the CBA due to the outcome of negotiations between the Joint Negotiation Group (owner) and the ITF, the online feed processes annually a review and amendments to the PSU-CBAs and submits them to the ITF Unit and Fair Practices Committee (FPC) for approval of the new PSU-CBAs. The International Negotiation Forum (IBF) was established in 2003 as a mechanism for maritime employers, represented by the Joint Bargaining Group (JNG), and seafarers` unions, represented by the International Transport Workers` Federation (ITF), to negotiate the wages and terms of employment of seafarers used on vessels to which the ITF special agreements apply. Applications for grants are made to allow sailors to travel on board their vessels to provide resources such as: there are cases where owners or their representative go directly to the ITF Agreements Unit in London. If this is the case, the ITF signs the special agreement with the owners, which contains the PSU agreement. The ITF will then inform the network`s power supply that a special agreement has been signed. Corollarily, PSU will now prepare the CBA for signing with the agency in Manila. The crew must complete, through the crew member, the sailor`s employment contract and the PSU membership application (copies are provided by the network feed), which forms the basis for the collection of the CONTRIBUTIONs and evaluations of the PSU. The member crew is required to participate in the Union/PDOS letter that will take place before departure, either at the PSU office or at the Agency`s office. Staff/briefing representatives assigned to the network will discuss, among other things, food services and services, which will be extended to members and their members.

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