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Mainframe Agreement

by Simone / 12-12-2020
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You`ll find information about how we collect, use and transmit your data in our privacy statement to Arbitration procedure. The parties do everything in their power to resolve disputes, claims, issues or disputes directly through good faith negotiations, which is a precondition for the resolution of an arbitration remedy or proceeding. With the exception of intellectual property disputes of the company (for example. B trademarks, clothing, domain names, trade secrets, copyrights and patents) or if you decide not to use this conciliation agreement, all claims arising from or related to this Agreement, as well as your access and use of the website, will be definitively made final by a mandatory arbitration procedure managed by the American Arbitration Association (AAA) in accordance with the rules of its commercial rules and its complementary procedures for consumer disputes, in all exclusionary or procedural rules that govern or authorize class remedies. The arbitrator, not any jurisdiction or agency, has exclusive authority to resolve any disputes arising from or related to this agreement, including, but not only, any allegation that all or part of this agreement is unsealed or not. The arbitrator has the power to grant any discharge that would be available in court; However, provided that the arbitrator does not have the power to award damages, remedies or arbitration awards that conflict with this agreement. The arbitrator`s award is binding on the parties and can be registered as a judgment in any competent court. To the extent that the arbitration filing fee exceeds the cost of filing an appeal, the company will pay the additional costs. You and the company expressly renounce a jury.

They also agree not to participate in claims filed with a public prosecutor`s office or private representation, or in consolidated claims concerning another person`s account when the company is involved in the proceedings. This dispute resolution provision is governed by the Federal Arbitration Act. These terms of use (this “contract”) are a legally binding contract between Mainframe Group Inc., a Delaware company (“Company,” “we,” “ours”), and you regarding the use of our website on (together the “website”). It is important that you read and understand carefully the terms of this agreement. “THESE TERMS OF USE (THESE” CONDITIONS” ) DEFINE THE LEGALLY BINDING CONDITIONS APPLICABLE TO THE USE OF THE SITE. BY ACCESSING OR USING THE WEBSITE, YOU ACCEPT THESE CONDITIONS (ON BEHALF OF YOUR PERSON OR THE ENTITY YOU REPRESENT) AND YOU GUARANTEE AND GUARANTEE THAT YOU HAVE THE RIGHT, AUTHORITY AND ABILITY TO TAKE THESE CONDITIONS (ON BEHALF OF YOUR PERSON OR THE ENTITY YOU REPRESENT). YOU CANNOT ACCESS THE WEBSITE OR USE IT OR ACCEPT THE TERMS IF YOU ARE UNDER THE AGE OF 18. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE WITH ALL THE PROVISIONS OF THESE TERMS, DO NOT ACCESS THE WEBSITE AND/OR DO NOT USE THESE TERMS. “IBM has been a technology partner of DBS Bank for more than 20 years,” said Martin Chee, Managing Director of Singapore at IBM.

“This new seven-year agreement is a confirmation of our skills in the banking sector and the value we bring to this relationship. Dispute Resolution Notice: This agreement contains provisions regulating how claims you and the company have against each other are settled (see Section 7 (Limitation of Liability), Section 10 (Dispute Resolution) and Section 11 (Legal Choice and Forum) below).

Full Stack Web Developer and Audio Engineer. Ha collaborato a diversi progetti con l'Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare (INFN-LNF) e un progetto sulle reti neurali in compartecipazione con: Università di Roma Tor Vergata, Centro di Tecnologia Biomedica di Madrid, Università Complutense e Politecnico di Madrid.





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