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Pitney Bowes Standard Sla Equipment Service Agreement

by Simone / 15-12-2020
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(d) There is no warranty for PBI devices that need to be repaired or replaced due to an excluded circumstance. “Excluded Circumstances,” a circumstance not controlled by PBI, including an accident, your careless or careless use of equipment, the use of devices beyond our recommendations or, in a manner not authorized by this Agreement or by an operator, the use of the devices in an environment where air humidity, line voltage, transit damage, software virus, data loss, loss or fluctuation of electricity, flooding or other natural causes. The warranty also does not apply if someone other than us put the device, you do not use the necessary software updates, you use the device with a system, we have informed you that we no longer provide assistance or that we are no longer compatible with you, or you use third-party accessories (for example. B ink), hardware or software that (i) damages devices (including damage to print heads), (ii) poor quality of printing clues, text or image, (iii) indivisibility error or (iv) error in printing clues, texts or images. Certain provisions for the purchase, leasing or leasing of a DI2000 entry system and the purchase of a service plan are set at You can only use the measuring device for the purpose of processing your emails, provided that the USPS authorizes you to use the meter and (i) that you comply with this Agreement, (ii) any manager and (iii) all USPS rules. You agree to use only pressurized equipment or equipment authorized by us. You must obtain our written consent before moving the device or meter to another location. Federal law requires us to have the meter. The manipulation or misuse of the measuring device is a violation of federal law.

USPS` activities, including the payment of USPS shipping expense refunds to customers, are conducted in accordance with the current Domestic Mail manual. If the measuring device is used in an illegal scheme or is not used for a period of 12 consecutive months, or if you take the measurement instrument or authorize the taking of the measuring device outside the United States without the correct written authorization of USPS headquarters, or if you otherwise do not comply with the postal provisions and agreement on the maintenance and use of the meter, this agreement and all corresponding meter service agreements may be revoked. You acknowledge that any use of a meter that fraudulently deprives the USPS of revenue can lead to civil and criminal penalties for fraud and/or false allegations against the United States. False or fraudulent statements can result in prison sentences of up to 5 years and fines of up to $10,000 (18 U.S. dollars). C 1001) and a civil fine of up to $5,000, plus an investment equivalent to twice the amount wrongly claimed (3 U.S. C 3802). Sending a reference to a fraudulent counter-carrier account is an example of a violation of these statutes. You are responsible for reporting the theft or loss of the measuring device immediately (within 72 hours or less). Failure to comply with this notification provision may result in the absence of reimbursement of funds that remain on the numerator at the time of loss or theft.

You understand that the rules and rules of use of this measuring device, as documented in the Domestic Mail Manual, can be updated from time to time by the USPS and that it is your duty to comply with all rules and regulations regarding its use. When you purchase an on-demand software license or on-demand subscription service, additional conditions apply by clicking on the hyperlink for that software or the subscription service.

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