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Smdc Reservation Agreement Form

by Simone / 17-12-2020
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Sales Associates DirectorLocal Brokers Network 09178222077 (Globe) 09989596229 (Smart)📧📧 noreen.tucker@smdcpro.comFacebook: Noreen Tucker FACEBOOK PAGES: Condominium Properties of SMDCBrokers Accreditation Group of SMDCMarketing Partners Connect By SMDC Office Address: SMDC – Local Brokers Network14/F Tower A, Two E-Com Center,Palm Coast Drive, Mall of Asia Complex,CBP-1A, Pasay City 1300 Philippines At the top of the form, write your name (First > way > name), identical to your spouse or co-buyer. If you are married or married to a co-buyer, fill out the details of the “Spouse/Co-Buyers Information” section. Prepare a check for booking fees. SMDC accepts a cheque for the local and international account (only the dollar account). The booking fee is Php 25,000 inmates on each unit. Please look at the example below. Once you have selected a unit, the unit in question must be put on hold via SMDC`s online sales inventory portal. We will provide you with proof that the chosen unit has been put on hold. The device will only be temporarily blocked for 3 to 5 days. Proof of booking fees and signed documents must be provided at the expiry or expiry of the detention period. You can also search for frequently asked questions in SAM for more information. If you have any further questions, please contact our customer service department on 632 8580300 or by email at

Please select relevant company information: SMDC Agent will bring the following documents for your data and signature. For international buyers, you can download and print the following forms and documents to complete. In Part 1, please fill out your necessary information, in particular the name of the mother`s daughter and the father`s name in sections 9 and 10. Click on your bank to download the ADA registration form. You are then invited to send the forms with your signature attachment by email After payment of booking fees and filing full requirements, SM Development Corporation (SMDC) will email your payment plan (SOP) with dates and due amounts. Be prepared to pay your monthly depreciation based on the date and amount of your SOP through post-taken cheques. Once the exams have been prepared, submit them to the SMDC. Please ask us for a withdrawal agreement.

Proof of booking fees paid (If payment is made by online bank, invoices or transfer) To complete your booking, the following documents must be deposited within 30 days. Once we already have a confirmation from Unit Holding, we can now choose an option to send your booking fee to the SMDC bank accounts. Here`s the information you need in your Orange Bills payment slips in each BDO branch. (Please, by email to: Please note that this online document processing is only done for booking purposes. The booking agreement is signed by SM Development Corporation (SMDC) in the form of a preliminary contract. Thus, the developer keeps the condominium in your name for thirty (30) days, while respecting your purchase requirements. Choose a condo you want to buy. This is after searching some information from this site and contacting me about a particular condo project. I`m going to prepare the calculation based on your desired unit. You can also request a special payment period.

I will send you an email confirmation that I received from SMDC to prove that the device has been successfully put on hold. The unit will be temporarily included under your name for 3 days in the smdc sale stock. Once we have verified the availability of your desired unit and you have opted for the payment period, you can now fill out the booking forms. Click here to download forms “All documents must be signed, scanned and sent to my email address, At the bottom of the form, attach your signature to the left on the “BUYER” of the document.

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