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Swiftnet Score Agreement

by Simone / 13-04-2021
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Corporate customers and LBBW can communicate via one of these services via SWIFT for businesses. To do this, it is necessary to sign a MACUG or SCORE master contract between the corporate clients and LBBW. This leads well to the single euro payment area (SEPA). SEPA is currently regulated by the banks themselves through the European Payments Council (EPC), which, with their new XML messages based on ISO 20022, have focused on interbank payment messages. The inclusion of these measures in the timetable would have provided urgent impetus, both for SCORE and for the involvement of companies in SEPA, many of whom have limited knowledge of what SEPA could do for them. But even without THE EPC, SWIFT is making progress in developing these messages, which is very welcome, because without these standards, the work will simply be too difficult for some, even with simpler connectivity. But this is only Europe, SWIFT`s main area. The recent U.S. announcement that future payment infrastructure (in response to SEPA) will use STP800 instead of ISO 20022 seems unfathomable. This may show that SWIFT`s influence in North and South America is far too small or that it is not yet agile enough or fast enough in developing standards and product management. Positive progress has been made in the area of hot score, particularly for large companies and innovative banks.

But there is still a long way to go and there is still much to be done in different areas before the masses of companies can actually see the benefits. Finally, there is corporate resource planning (ERP) and the cash systems provider. Many have been developing their SWIFT components for some time, but few seem to have provided packaged modules readily available to connect to SCORE; Sap is an exception for me. The standardized business environment (SCORE) is based on a closed user group managed by SWIFT in which companies can interact with financial institutions. By default, every entry from the company to SWIFT is published with the SCO service code. Any request not to be published as a SCORE FIN participant must be UniCredit regarding SWIFT messaging, including FIN and FileAct, must have full functionality. By combining SWIFTNet for business with EuropeanGate, you can make international and domestic payments via a single access point on our network.

Full Stack Web Developer and Audio Engineer. Ha collaborato a diversi progetti con l'Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare (INFN-LNF) e un progetto sulle reti neurali in compartecipazione con: Università di Roma Tor Vergata, Centro di Tecnologia Biomedica di Madrid, Università Complutense e Politecnico di Madrid.





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