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Tcode To Check Agreement

by Simone / 10-10-2021
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Try the code ME23N, then click on the “document owerview on” button, then select “Order”. You get a new screen, then click on the “Dynamic Selection” button and in the rolled window on position of the purchase document and find the icon of the framework agreement. You will receive a list of related commands. With kind greetings, PETER Hello I am looking for a standard SAP report showing all the orders that have been made for a framework contract. I need them all together – I know that I can see them separately in the Treaty myself for each point of the Treaty. ME22 Edit ORDER ME22N Edit order ME308 Contracts with conditions Send contract ME31K Create contract ME45 RFQ ME4B RFQs according to tracking number ME33: File entry: Freeze Book Inv. Bal MICN – B.I/p PI Docs for Cycle Counting Purchase Orders by Material Group ME2J Purchase Orders for Project. MIK1 – Batch entry: PI Docs Vendor Cons. MIQ1 – Batch entry: PI Docs. The project park. . MEKD conditions for the material group MAKE conditions for suppliers.

. MEKX Transport Condition Types Purch MEKY Trans Calc. Diagram: Kt. Pr. (Purc). MI34 – Batch input: Enter the number of an MI35 – Batch Entry: Post Zero Stock Bal ME55 Collective release of the Req purchase. ME54N Release Purchase Requisition. .

ME88 Set Agmt. . Quantity/comparison date ME91 Purchase documents: pressure/recall. . MB1C – Other entries MB21 – Create reservation ME91E SA Calendars: Press/Reminder. Me9E News Edition: Sa Calendars. ME1W Info Records Per Material Group ME1X Buyer`s Negotiation Sheet for Ven Try transaction ME2N. Select Dynamic Selection > Purchase Position. Double-click the framework agreement and enter the contract numbers for which you want to draw reports.

Press Enter and Execute ME35L Release Scheduling Agreement ME36 Display Agmt Supplement (IR). MI31 – Type batch: Create Phys. Inv. Doc. MI32 – Batch Input: Block Material; MEKJ Billing Conditions Part MEKK Conditions for supplier sub-sector Numbering By Schedule Lines ME86 Aggregate Schedule Lines ME91A Initial quotation submission ME92 Monitor Order Acknowledgment MI02 – Change Physical Inventory Doc MI03 – Display Physical Inventory Doc MEKL Price Change : Scheduling Agmts MEKLE Currency Change : SA MIBC – ABC Analysis for Cycle Counting MI01 – Create Physical Inventory Document ME63 Evaluation of Automatic Sub criteria ME64 Evaluation Comparison ME80 Purchasing Reporting ME80AN General Analyses (A) ME37 Create Transport Planning Agrmt ME38 SAgrement Schedule ME65 Evaluation List ME6A Vendor Evaluation Changes Please help. But I was looking for a report that could be exported or printed. . ME5W Re-model of Purchase Req. ME97 Archive Order Requirements ME51 Create an order request ME51N – Create an order request ME1A – Archived purchase information sheets ME1B- Information data me28 Order ME2B Release Order ME2B POs according to the follow-up of needs n° ME2C. ME1E Price history of the OFFER ME1L Information sets by supplier MI09 – Enter the number of stocks without Doc MI10 – Differential list without doc. ME15 – License plate Purchase information Rec. for deletion ME06 – Analysis of the list of sources ME3J Framework contracts by the ME3K OA project according to Acct.

Assignment SAP EKEHH Table for – Delivery Plan Deleted Delivery File Here we would like to draw your attention to the TRANSACTIONAL CODE ME31L in SAP. As we know, it is used in the SAP MM-PUR component (purchase in MM) included in the MM module (materials management). ME31L is a transactional code used to establish delivery plans in SAP. ME61 Supplier Evaluation maintain ME62 Display Vendor Evaluation ME3B OA based on requirement number. ME3C OAgreements by Material Group ME2O SC Stock Monitoring (Vendor) ME2S Services by Order Purchase View the possible menu options to access the same report by avoiding entering the transaction code. Trail 1Logistics → materials sector → purchase → framework contract → delivery plan → → Vendor Known. . . . .

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