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The Belfast Agreement Text

by Simone / 11-10-2021
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12. Any development of these agreements shall be carried out in agreement with the Council and with the special agreement of the Assembly of Northern Ireland and the Oireachtas, subject to the scope of the powers and competences of both administrations. The multi-party agreement forced the parties to “use any influence they might have” to secure the dismantling of all paramilitary weapons within two years of referendums to approve the agreement. The standardisation process forced the British government to reduce the number and role of its armed forces in Northern Ireland “to a level compatible with a normal peaceful society”. These include the removal of security facilities and the lifting of specific emergency powers in Northern Ireland. The Irish government has committed to a “thorough review” of its breaches of state law. ii) to do everything in its power to reach agreement on the adoption of common policies in areas where cross-border and inter-island benefits are mutual and which fall within the competence of the two administrations, north and south, and to make determined efforts to contribute to disputes; 5. We recognize the essential differences between our consistent and equally legitimate political aspirations. However, we will endeavour, in all practical respects, to seek reconciliation and rapprochement within the framework of democratic and agreed agreements.

We are committed to working in good faith to ensure the success of each of the agreements to be concluded under this agreement. It is recognised that all institutional and constitutional arrangements – an Assembly in Northern Ireland, a North-South Council of Ministers, implementing bodies, an Anglo-Irish Council and an Anglo-Irish Intergovernmental Conference, as well as all amendments to the British parliamentary dossier and the Constitution of Ireland – are interdependent and interdependent and, in particular, that the functioning of the Assembly and the North/South Council is so closely linked that the success of each EP ultimately with that of the other. 9. The Irish Government will also take steps to further strengthen the protection of human rights in its area of competence. The Government will introduce measures to strengthen and underpin the constitutional protection of human rights, taking into account the work of the All-Party Oireachtas Commission on the Constitution and the report of the Constitutional Review Group. These proposals will be based on the European Convention on Human Rights and other international legal instruments in the field of human rights, and the question of the involvement of the ECHR will be further examined in this context. The measures presented would ensure at least an equivalent level of human rights protection, as will be the case in Northern Ireland. In addition, the Irish Government: the agreement called for the creation of an independent commission to review police rules in Northern Ireland, “including ways to promote broad Community support” for these agreements. The UK government has also pledged to “carry out a comprehensive review” of the criminal justice system in Northern Ireland. In 2004, negotiations were held between the two governments, the DUP and Sinn Féin, with a view to an agreement on institution-building.

These talks failed, but a document released by governments detailing changes to the Belfast Agreement has been known as the “Global Agreement”.

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