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United States Chile Free Trade Agreement Form

by Simone / 19-12-2020
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In some cases, an exporter may find that several batches of identical goods are shipped to the same Chilean importer. In these cases, there is no need to establish new documentation (e.g.B. certificate of origin) for each batch. The importer may be able to present such a “white” certificate of origin (or any other information indicating the origin of the goods) to the customs authority when accepting each shipment. It is recommended that the “coverage period” be indicated on the certificate of origin. Chilean customs suggest that the “blanket” period does not exceed one year. Chile`s Free Trade Agreement (CLFTA) came into force on 1 January 2004. Under the agreement, most Chilean products arrive duty-free in the United States and Processing Fee (MPF) and virtually all have entered free of charge until its full implementation in 2015. In some cases, a considerable amount of research on inputs in the manufacture of products is needed to determine its origin. Many exporters and importers believe that the declaration of origin only takes place at the time of customs clearance, which creates a sense of urgency when determining the origin of the goods. To get the rate reduced immediately, that`s right. However, the importer has another option.

The importer may pay the non-preferential duties at the time of customs clearance of the goods and has one year from the date of import of the goods to request reimbursement of excessive duties paid as a result of the preferential tariff treatment not granted. This may be the case when the information needed to establish the origin of the goods is not available at the time of transfer. On the date of the restitution application, the importer is required to provide a written statement regarding the original character of the products and, at the request of the customs authority, a certificate of origin or any other indication that the product is considered originating; and other documents relating to the importation of goods that customs authorities may require. The pen (exporter, manufacturer or importer) of the certificate must provide the following information: the right must normally be accompanied by other transit documents; The certificate of origin is just one of those forms. Information for U.S. exporters is available at: Chilean producers and exporters and U.S. importers may use free trade certification when they deny that their products meet the requirements of the Chilean Free Trade Agreement. As a general rule, a certificate of origin can take many forms. For example, a statement on the company`s letterhead, a commercial invoice statement or an official certificate of origin. Although no formal form is required to prove the origin of the U.S.-Chile free trade agreement, Chilean Customs has released a list of the necessary data elements. These data elements and a model certificate of origin are available on the link below. Shipments worth less than USD 2,500 do not require a certificate of origin or other support information regarding a preferential application, unless the customs authority suspects that a request is fraudulent (see Article 4.13 of the agreement).

Once an exporter/producer issues a certificate of origin (whether it is an importer or a Chilean right), one of the parties to a transaction may be warned that the basis for the right to inaccurate information has been established or that the certificate of origin contains some kind of error.

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