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Vmware Reseller Agreement

by Simone / 20-12-2020
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The Locator partner is an intuitive search tool that allows customers to find VMware resellers, system integrators, service providers and technology partners that are filtered by partner level and VMware partner skills. Your investment and investment opportunities are directly tailored to your level under the Partner Connect program, with specific questions about incentive and benefit programs addressed to the Partner Support Center: Resale – VMware resellers are partners whose main business model is the resale and/or provision of services. Through unbiased customer feedback, VMware resellers pool their technological know-how with services to provide VMware solutions to customer-specific business problems. VMware retailers generally advise customers to understand their customers` business requirements. However, customer evaluation licenses downloaded directly by are displayed in My VMWare. The renewal of your NFR licenses remains unchanged; they are renewed each year by renewing your partnership program contract. If you have any other questions related to the program, please contact the Partner Support Center. Depending on the type of partner, this customer-oriented tool may affect the requirements of manual and EDI transaction orders. In particular, an EA number will be required for orders for existing customers. In addition, you can expect changes to the display of licensing and support information information as well as the structure of how that information is managed in the authorization account.

When managing your client`s account, certain permissions may be required and must be assigned by your client to act on his behalf. You`ll find more information in frequently asked questions about the customer. I`m the dealer`s partner. What if I don`t provide my distributor with an Access Account Number (EA) in the order? At VMware, skills must recognize sales and technical skills, delivery skills and customer success for the IT priorities of the next generation of VMware. Building VMware partner skills allows you to strengthen your service skills and leverage valuable benefits for your partners. There are two types of skills: cloud providers – There are two models that are used to provide cloud services – License rental and managed service provider What happens if I make an order without the Access Account Number (EA)? Innovation – Working with us gives you access to future solutions and innovative work methods that prepare you for the preunstum to bring you, so you can make sure your customers are ready. VMware relies on our partner ecosystem to help our customers manage their digital transformation, cloud deployment and modern applications to achieve the full benefits of VMware solutions. If you are a partner who has purchased an OEM from a distributor, you or the customer must renew these licenses directly with the OEM. Why are my old non-resale licenses still displayed when they have expired? VMware Partner Connect is a unique program that offers clearer ways of profitability, whether partners sell software or services, manage or host services or offer value-added services to their customers. To find your EA customer number, please use the EA Look-Up Tool provided online in Partner Connect. If your client has more than one EA number, please contact your customer to determine the EA number they prefer.

Depending on the type of partner, most NFR licenses are not supported, which remains unchanged. As before, you can use your support codes for this purpose. Find your support code in Partner Connect and enter it online in the Partner Support Center.

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