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Windows 7 Extended Support Agreement

by Simone / 21-12-2020
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One option for customers who already use Microsoft Azure services would be to use the next Windows Virtual Desktop on Azure service, which allows virtual Windows 7 desktops, which include advanced windows 7 support for three years as part of the package at no additional cost. No no. If customers have Windows 7 and do NOT purchase ESU, these customers cannot register support tickets for Windows 7, even if they have support plans. There will be no further improvements to Windows 7. ESU keeps Windows 7 devices safe for a limited time and helps customers switch to a supported Windows version. If a study of a customer issue determines that a product extension available in a current version (z.B. Windows 10) solves the problem, Microsoft support recommends that the customer move on to the latest version. Small businesses can also pay Microsoft for advanced support for Pro and Enterprise editions, but these companies pay per device and not by users. The cost of extending support for Windows 7 Pro computers are the same as those that Enterprise customers pay per user, while that`s half the cost of the enterprise computer. Windows XP and Windows Vista support has already been completed and no other support is available. Customers are encouraged to switch to Windows 10 to use the latest security and reliability features.

Windows 7 is not long for this world. On January 14, 2020, Microsoft will end the “extended support” of Windows 7 and will no longer receive security updates. But there`s one way around it: pay for advanced security updates. Eliminate trouble when updating your Windows 7 computer. Patch Manager Plus, a fully automatic patching solution, can optimize all advanced Windows 7 security updates for you from a single console. We also support the update to Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2, which are also nearing the end of support. Download Patch Manager Plus to provide windows 7 ESUs seamlessly. Edge Chromium with help on Win7 starts on January 15, a day after Win7 “supposed” go EoL indicates, that MS will continue to support this browser until the end of ESU updates (2023) and even if, in the crazy scenario, all these browsers suddenly no longer update for Win7, so we have [1]Pale Moon as a last resort, since the main developer plans to continue supporting Win7 with advanced updates for Win 7, Google and Mozilla will probably support Win 7 for at least three years…

Whether it`s win 7 Home, which is EOL, or Win 7 in companies that receive ESU updates. All Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008/R2 customers received an update on January 14, 2020, as operating systems have been supported so far. Updates to these operating systems after January 14, 2020 will be reserved for ESU customers. Of course, this advanced Windows 7 Support comes with a price tag. SCCM 2012 R2 is not supported on Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008/R2 operating systems during the ESU phases. This article is intended to be used by computer experts. If you`re looking for information for private users, please see Windows 7 support, which ended January 14, 2020. With less than a year of support for Windows 7, Microsoft has begun to advance Microsoft 365 and other programs they hope will attract customers who do not yet need to be migrated.

But for those who haven`t made the move or are considering staying with Windows 7, extended support pricing has been announced. The real end of life for Win 7 is how long Chrome and Firefox support it. After Win XP`s EOL in April 2014, Chrome has taken over another two years. Firefox version ESR supported it four years later (ESR 52.9, Sept.

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